Meet the Author

Singe on the red carpet at the Mum’s List movie premier

As some of you may already know, my name is St John Greene but everybody knows me as Singe.  I am a qualified lifeguard and medic and I run my own company called Training Saints, in which I offer a variety of courses and qualifications.  I am also the author of the book ‘Mum’s List’, which has recently been made into a film starring Rafe Spall and Emilia Fox.

I guess the starting point for me would be to explain that I have had a very varied and interesting number of life experiences, jobs and careers.  I have travelled the globe and been lucky enough to share my life with a variety of people and cultures.  I have been truly blessed with the experiences I have had on these trips, even more so when I found my partner and soul mate Kate.

I met Kate when she was 15 and we were together for over 22 years, in which we were lucky enough to travel the world and share many adventures.  In 2004 we welcomed the birth of our first son Reef, later followed by the exciting news that we were expecting our second son Finn in 2005.  We chose these names for our boys because scuba diving was one of the main adventurous activities we shared together and their names reminded us of all our happy water adventures.

In 2005 when Kate was heavily pregnant with Finn, our world of adventure came to an abrupt halt.  Our oldest son Reef was diagnosed with a Rhabdoid Sarcoma (an aggressive cancerous tumour that is often resilient to drugs) and given a 6 percent chance of survival.  This life shattering news resulted in Kate going into early labour and Finn arriving 7 weeks premature.  This meant that we had two very poorly babies (both with life threatening conditions) in two separate hospitals on the opposite sides of Bristol.  Luckily for us and despite the odds, both our boys pulled through and we could be reunited as a family again.

However life was just about to be turned upside again, as very shortly after Kate was given her own shocking diagnosis - triple negative breast cancer.  Despite her amazing determination and fight, Kate heartbreakingly lost her battle and passed away in 2010.  For me this was something I had never experienced so close to home before. I had experienced dealing with emergencies, trauma and loss during my various medical careers but I never thought that it would happen to our family.  I feel honoured and thankful for all the experiences in my medical career, as these helped me to build my positive strategies to deal with cancer and the heart-breaking loss in our own lives.

This is why I have decided to set up a motivational speaking programme… in the hope that it will offer help, support and guidance to others who are facing or have faced similar situations in their life.  My positive personality and the way I can often think outside the box under pressure, has helped me to see these difficult life challenges from a different perspective.  As a well known saying goes - ‘Improvise, adapt and overcome’.

My motivational speaking sessions will vary depending on my audience and my aim is to make them appropriate to my audience’s ages, needs and situations.  I am currently going to be offering three programmes: ‘Being Positive’, ‘Working Positively with Young People’ and ‘Dealing with Cancer’.  My objective is to explain about my life experiences, how they have all helped me to be the person I am today and how a few positive changes can help you as well.


Throughout my sessions the audience will be invited to interact with myself and I will happily welcome and answer any questions.

Being Positive: I will talk about how to think positively, how to make the most out of every moment and share my coping strategies/techniques during difficult times.

Working Positively with Young People: I will discuss my experiences as a tutor for a number of educational centres, youth services and my own business.  I will explain how I have gained invaluable experiences working with young people and how I have helped to give them a positive start in many vocations.  I will teach you how to inspire our younger generation and help them to become valuable members of our local communities.

Dealing with cancer: Drawing from my experiences, I will share how I dealt with my partner being diagnosed with a terminal illness, how I coped with a child with a disability and how I learnt to communicate effectively with medical professionals.  I will also explain where you can obtain vital guidance, information and the relevant support from.

I have been lucky enough to share my experiences with a variety of wonderful people and it has already helped them to gain valuable guidance, techniques and support.  I would like to reach out to as many people as possible and teach them how thinking positively and making the most of every moment can help them to cope with whatever life throws their way.

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