Motivational Speaking

Being Positive

Singe talks about life being too short & needing to make the most of every moment, this may involve thinking outside the box!

“It’s not the amount of breaths you take in life, it’s the moments that take your breath away”

Working Positively with Young People

Singe shares his experiences in delivering a wide variety of skills and activities to young peoples. Inspiring individuals and creating careers.

Dealing with Cancer

Singe shares his experiences in managing life when cancer strikes.
How he developed strategies to cope with extremely ill loved ones; partners and children. How he developed relationships with hospital staff, doctors, other medical professionals and support organisations.
Singe explains where and how to get advice and guidance.

“If you don’t ask you won’t get!”

Learn more about Mums List the movie.


St John Greene, Singe to his friends, the author of "Mum's List" (recently turned into a film starring Rafe Spall & Emila Fox) and Inspirational speaker.

"The starting point for me would be to explain that I have had a very varied & interesting number of life experiences, jobs and careers.
I have traveled the globe experiencing many customs and cultures, meeting people from all walks of life, from those who experience challenges on a daily basis to the super rich.
Using these experiences I want to reach out, feeling I have a great deal to offer both on a practical and emotional level, I am also happy to answer questions and share the journey I have been on with Mum’s List, in the hope of helping others.
I have had many adventures and on my travels and I have been truly blessed with some of the most amazing experiences - some of which have been life changing !"

Mum’s List Movie Trailer


‘A beautiful and inspiring story – I loved it’

Holly Willoughby This Morning - ITV

‘Singe is very much a local leader; he lives in Clevedon, his wife was a student at Gordano school and he once worked as a life guard at Churchill School sports centre. The students were very engaged with his advice and he provided a springboard for a very productive afternoon of collaboration’.

Head of Sixth Form at Gordano School Gordano school